4 Reasons to Purchase a Wool Suit

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4 Reasons to Purchase a Wool Suit

Even an expensive suit that fits well can still look like it’s made of poor quality fabric. Fit and construction details aren’t the only factors that make a good suit. The fabric from which the suit is tailored is important as well. Wool has long been a traditional choice of fabric for suits, and there are several advantages to consider when investing in a wool suit for your wardrobe.

1. All-Season Wear


Suits made with wool fabrics are appropriate for wear in both cold and warm weather conditions. In cold weather, wool traps air within the fibers, acting as an insulator to keep the body warm. The heavier wool materials and thicker fabrics from which winter suits are made hold in more air to keep you warm.

Thinner wool fibers can effectively wick moisture away from the body and are lightweight and breathable, making tropical wool fabrics ideal for summer wear. Larger, more porous gaps are woven in the fabric to make a wool suit more comfortable for wear in hot weather. While cotton and linen suits are also great lightweight choices for hot weather, they tend to crease and wrinkle more easily than wool suits.

2. Durability


Often thought of as a luxury fabric, wool is resilient, attractive, comfortable, and low maintenance. In fact, its durability makes it a popular choice for both men’s and women’s suits. Wool is tough and holds up better than other fabrics. There are different types of wool fabrics to choose from, such as virgin wool and worsted (tightly woven) wool, and often, people prefer natural fibers like wool over synthetic fibers.

Because wool is a hard-wearing fiber, it can look great for many years with proper care. Polyester and polyester-rayon blend fabrics are less expensive materials that are strong and flexible and resist wrinkling, but these synthetic fabrics aren’t as breathable as wool, which make them uncomfortable in hot weather. Also, some polyester fabrics have the additional drawback of looking shiny in appearance.

3. Thread Count

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Wool fibers vary in fineness. Coarser fibers typically are used in outer-layer clothing and suit jackets. When getting fitted for a suit, consider the super number, or S number—the thread count which describes the fineness of the fabric’s individual fibers. A higher S number indicates a thinner, smoother, and softer fabric that makes a suit cloth feel silkier.

Wools spun at higher speeds are better quality wools, but lower number wools are still good wools for durable clothing. If you are looking for a suit to wear on special occasions, super wools with higher numbers have smoother textures that are considered more luxurious.

Although finer wools produce a lighter cloth and are usually more expensive, the price tag of a suit doesn’t necessarily make it the best buy. Thread counts in the 200s can make for one classy-looking suit, but the suit may not be as durable as a heavier wool fabric. It can be more difficult to clean too.

Since a higher thread count indicates a finer, or thinner, fiber, wool materials with extremely high thread counts often wear more quickly, usually taking on a shiny appearance. Fabrics spun from super-fine wool also wrinkle more easily than coarser or thicker wool fabrics.

4. Shapeliness


No matter what the quality of an off-the-rack suit may be or how well designed it is, if it doesn’t conform to your body shape and type, the suit isn’t going to be the right fit.

You can tell if a suit is made of sturdy material when you bunch the fabric and it leaves little or no wrinkling when you let go of it. Wool has a natural spring to it so the fibers spring back and stretch rather than break. This flexibility helps the fabric hold its shape.

While you don’t want a suit that feels too heavy for wear, a suit made from a heavier cloth drapes better. A well-fitted suit should still conform to your body shape even after you’ve worn it a few times, and sturdy wool fabrics won’t stretch out or deteriorate as quickly.


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