Big, Tall & Stocky Bespoke suits and shirts in Washington D.C.






Big, Tall & Stocky Bespoke suits and shirts in Washington D.C.

Every guy should have a few good suits in his clothing arsenal. The problem, as a big man, can be finding a suit that has style and complements your body. You can always find a local suit shop, but their selection may be limited and their prices more than you want to spend for something you might not wear that often. Luckily, there’s an affordable yet stylish option available In D.C. metro area. Book online  your appointment with our clothing company that specializes in custom men’s suits in Washington D.C. metro area.

Customization is especially attractive to those with distinctive body types. Tall men won’t have any problems with short sleeves or pants that don’t fit. Chubby men, on the other hand, can have suits made to make them look thinner and more attractive. All these little perks definitely override buying a popular brand name.


The beauty of a tailored suit is that you can add personal touches to make your suit look genuine and unique.

Whether it’s specific types of buttons or pockets just ask and you shall receive.

These simple touches will impress your colleagues and really make your suit stand out from the rest.


We make a detailed record of your body form which assists our cutter to take shoulders and standing position into consideration.

You Choose the Styles and Cut – Traditional, Contemporary, and European.


Hand-stitched suits simply scream quality.

One look at the inside of the jacket and even a novice can see that’s this is one special suit. Measured and cut by a master tailor who then hand stitches the suit.

A suit made entirely by hand.

Any machine stitching is for reinforcement only +A hand-made full floating canvas which is the hallmark of any true custom made suit.

This will give the suit added shape and durability.

When a suit jacket fits right, it turns all your soft, round lines into sharp, angular ones.

  1. Get a jacket that hugs your shoulders, then have a tailor pinch it in at the middle of your torso. That’s what turns your round midsection into a powerful-looking V.
  2. Just because you need a broad jacket doesn’t mean you need a long one. It should just barely cover your butt.

Clothes for Tall Men: Your Style Goals

Stocky or slim, every tall man shares a few basic needs with his fellow giants. He wants to avoid looming, which makes other people feel awkward and can make him appear ungainly or foolish — but he does not want to seem as if he has something to hide, or is ashamed of his height.

He needs clothing that can make an impression powerful enough to outweigh the automatic “gosh, you’re tall” reaction — but avoids calling excess attention to a presence that already draws the eye. And even more than smaller men, he needs clothing that will balance his frame and fit his body — really fit, not just be long enough in the sleeves.

Before considering specific body types, all tall men will want to keep the following wardrobe basics in mind:

Horizontal Elements

Even a very broad man in the 6’4″-and-up neighborhood is fundamentally a vertical shape to most people, whose eyes have to travel up to take him in. Clothing that incorporates horizontal lines will break the instinctive up-and-down gaze.

Broad belts, checked fabrics, horizontally-oriented pockets, and even a hat with a distinctive band can break the vertical lines of your body at various points, making a more manageable view for the smaller world.

Different tall men will want to work their horizontal touches in at different points to best flatter their body, but purely vertical touches — pinstripes, narrow ties, etc. — flatter no tall men.

Patterns and Colors, the Tall Man’s Friend

Tall men don’t have to work to stand out, but they do have to work to be remembered as something other than “that tall guy.” A distinctive personal style makes all the difference, so don’t be shy about wearing mixed patterns or unusual colors. Size is a luxury; patterns which would overwhelm a smaller man look appropriate on your room-filling presence.

Take advantage by experimenting with more unusual combinations. The only thing to avoid is unnecessary boldness, either in aggressive patterns or bright colors — everyone is going to look at you first no matter what you wear, so try to be memorable rather than attention-getting.

Something as simple as an understated herringbone weave in your wardrobe-staple white dress shirt can turn a tall man from a monolith into a memory.

The most difficult areas to fit well are perhaps the shoulders and collar. A properly fitting jacket shouldn’t have any indentations in the sleeveheads and it should stay glued to your neck at all times.

Here tightness at the buttoning point can result in a jacket pulling around the waist, effectively forming an “X.“ To be sure, this is sometimes purposefully done in the name of fashion, but more often than not, it’s a sign that a jacket is too tight. (Note that the jacket pictured here doesn’t have problems in this area).

Everything is wrong with P  Daddy suit back in the 90’s, Please don’t wear a suit like this under any circumstance.

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