At Mario Rojas Custom Clothiers, we guarantee a perfect fit for your body type AND world-class cloth.

After selecting from over 1,000 fabric samples, we take 40 measurements for a suit to ensure an impeccable fit, and you can determine if you prefer the modern or the classic cut, or something in between.

We do a number of quality checks along the way to make sure it’s made to spec.

We offer a wide variety of custom made clothes and custom made shirts products in the USA ranging from simple basic shirts all the way to high-end fashion suits to heavy winter topcoats. Whether dressing formal to work, or business casual, we offer it all!

Member of a private club? We also cater to private fraternities to deign coats with your club crest.

Hard to fit? Not a problem. We have experience fitting clients of all sizes and body types. The most important aspect is understanding the body contour even before taking the measurements. Every client’s body frame is unique and we do our best to fit each one well. All of our jackets are completely hand-sewn with a “full-canvas front”, Bemberg linings and working sleeve buttonholes. Even a personalized label with your name comes with your new suit or jacket!