SUITS Custom made in Washington DC, MD, VA Bespoke Suits.

At Mario Rojas Custom Tailors LLC, we guarantee a perfect fit AND world-class cloth.

After selecting from over 1,000 fabric samples, we take 40 measurements for a suit to ensure an impeccable fit, and you can determine if you prefer the modern or the classic cut, or something in between.

We do a number of quality checks along the way to make sure it’s made to spec.


So whether you prefer one, two, three, or more buttons, you’re now armed with the proper knowledge to look your best in all situations!

  • The one-button single-breasted suit jacket: Generally used on a tuxedo. These jackets are suited to lean men and worn for black tie events

  • The two-button single-breasted suit jacket: Is one of the most classic looks in men’s fashion. This style of suit looks good on all body types. The cut of the suit makes just about every man’s frame look longer. Two-button suits are great for both social and business events.

  • The three-button single-breasted suit jacket: Because of the arrangement of the buttons – three button suit jackets suit taller men.


  • The number of buttons on a single breast jacket varies between one to four. Standard single breast jacket styles have two or three buttons with a notch lapel.

  • A double breasted jacket is more formal than a single breasted jacket. These jackets feature four, six or eight buttons on the front with six as a standard.


  • Notch Lapel: The top of the lapel and the bottom of the collar meets in a notch. This is the most common type of lapel and suits a single breasted jacket.

  • Peak Lapel: Has strong edges pointed towards the shoulders. A peak lapel is more formal and always found on double breasted jackets.

  • Shawl Lapel: The collar has a continuous curve without a break like the peak or notch lape. These are seen only on tuxedos and worn at exclusive events like a black-tie night.


  • The jetted pocket is more dressy, which explains why it is traditionally found on the tuxedo.

  • The flap pocket will add a touch of thickness on the hip, while the slit pocket gives a slimmer look.

  • Angled pockets are sportier and should always have a flap.

  • A ticket pocket was originally used to hold train tickets.

  • A patch pocket is suitable for a sports jackets but not for a formal suit.


Customization is especially attractive to those with distinctive body types.

Tall men won’t have any problems with short sleeves or pants that don’t fit.

Chubby men, on the other hand, can have suits made to make them look thinner and more attractive.

All these little perks definitely override buying a popular brand name.


The beauty of a tailored suit is that you can add personal touches to make your suit look genuine and unique.

Whether it’s specific types of buttons or pockets just ask and you shall receive.

These simple touches will impress your colleagues and really make your suit stand out from the rest.


We make a detailed record of your body form which assists our cutter to take shoulders and standing position into consideration.

You Choose the Styles and Cut – Traditional, Contemporary, and European.


Your personal patterns are first drawn on paper and then onto fabric.

Each garment is individually sketched from initial outlines and patterns before any fabric cutting begins.


Hand-stitched suits simply scream quality.

One look at the inside of the jacket and even a novice can see that’s this is one special suit. Measured and cut by a master tailor who then hand stitches the suit.

A suit made entirely by hand.

Any machine stitching is for reinforcement only +A hand-made full floating canvas which is the hallmark of any true custom made suit.

This will give the suit added shape and durability.


The most care is taken during the construction of every Mario Rojas garment.

Handmade quality is evident everywhere, from the fit and drape of the suit to the patterns that match up across seams of the shoulder, pockets, and sleeves.

Each suit represents many hours of detailed craftsmanship.

Once the pattern is created and drawn onto the cloth, the cutter cuts the cloth into sections that will be crafted and sewn together with other high-quality materials into the finished product.


We offer hundreds of details to make your suit unique.

From various lapel styles to exquisite pocket detailing to contrasting stitching, we spare no resource, cost or effort to provide you with details that meet the quality standards.


Full canvas conforms better to the human body after multiple wears.

Our full canvas construction uses natural materials create a jacket with supple structure and shape. These materials include wool canvas, haircloth wrapped haircloth and felt.

All materials are preshrunk so no shrinkage takes place on the finished garment.

The canvas starts at the top of the shoulder and extends the length of the jacket front to the hem, also extending into the lapel.