Tailor Fit – Benefits of tailored garments

When it comes to fashion for men, one of the most essential pieces of clothing is undoubtedly a suit and there is nothing better than having one tailored just for you! Although there’s nothing wrong with suits off the rack, there’s nothing compared to getting one stitched according to your measurements and choice. Men, remember: a good suit is an investment that pays off in the longer run. So, invest well and invest right!


Why tailored?

Every client’s body frame is unique and we do our best to fit each one well. Wearing a custom made suit is a rare thing, schedule your appointment at your home or office or come to our workshop and discover the best kept secret in D.C./Baltimore/Maryland.

Is it expensive? You cannot put a price to it!
Contrary to belief, tailored suits are not as expensive as one thinks. Unless of course you go to a high-end tailor who will charge a premium. Off-the-rack suits are generally priced higher and still need alterations to provide a better fit! Why waste that extra money on something that isn’t as special as the occasion you’re choosing it for?

Suit your style; conveniently!

Talking about convenience, stitching a suit that is made to your exact specifications is a total timesaver. Once you have identified a good tailor, your wish is their command. It saves the time spent on visiting 10 different stores to finding that almost-perfect suit. With so many types of styles and cuts available, you’re better off choosing your own and standing out from the crowd than wearing a common suit cut that everyone else is wearing. Your suit will go the extra mile in telling a tale or two about how patient and well-groomed you are!

Customise everything 
Mario Rojas is a personalized service world-class men’s clothing, resulting from the combination of timeless
ancient sartorial process and sophistication of modern styling; all simply to provide a convenient and practical solution for today’s professionals.
Take your wardrobe to another level of sophistication with this subtle, masculine design Mario Rojas Custom Tailors will measure, design and create custom trousers with the same thoroughness, and the same delicate touch that we invest in all our custom clothiers. Many choices are available for custom trousers is incredibly wide and diverse.

A great tailored shirt is an important part of any wardrobe. We offer custom shirts in sizes and styles including men’s tailored dress shirts, big and tall tailored dress shirts, women’s tailored dress shirts and petite tailored shirts. Our tailored shirt is available in a variety of natural fabrics and colors that look fabulous with or without a jacket.

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Honestly? Not a “dress” shirt. At least not most of them, especially if they’re cut in thicker, more rumpled cloth. But still needs to go on the list just because of its versatility. The OCBD (surprisingly, not a member of WuTang) stands for Oxford Cloth Button Down. And the “button down” part refers to the collar, not the fact that you button the shirt in front. A few lighter, pressed OCBDs can pull some duty at the office, but just make sure it’s not that much thicker than a standard poplin. The thicker the fabric, the less dressed up it can get. A workhorse for layering.

There are five dresses that every woman needs in her closet that will keep her set for whatever life brings, from the office to the club. These are the basic staples of a year-round wardrobe, and to ensure they fit perfectly, have them custom-tailored each new fashion season.

Five dresses to consider this season are:

1. Smart shirt-dress

. A smart shirt-dress is a business-casual look that can be accessorized to suit a number of other occasions, from shopping to a meeting, the club to the beach! Look for shirt-dresses made from cotton or silk so it will breathe, and so it will be comfortable any time of the year. Accessorize with boots and scarves in winter or sandals and a cute camisole in the warmer weather.

2. Classic cocktail-dress.

custom womans suits in dc mario Rojas

Everyone needs a little black dress in their closets, and you should choose one that could be worn out on the town or for a more dignified occasion. Knee-length dresses will likely give the most options when it comes to versatility and accessorizing. This is a classic staple so make sure that your little black cocktail dress is comfortable and fits-well to keep you trendy.

3. Sweet sundress.

A sweet sundress can be worn anytime of the year, as long as it is accessorized right. Pair your adorable cotton sundress with cowboy boots and a textured sweater for chilly seasons, when most women might be packing their sundresses away for the winter. Layer your sundress with leggings, tights, and underpinnings to create a Bohemian look that is great for school, shopping, or an evening out.

4. Multi-season maxi-dress.

A maxi-dress refers to a full-length dress that hits the floor. Choose one in a staple color that you can mix and match with the rest of your wardrobe. These look awesome with flats and a simple shawl, or with bulky boots and a poncho when the weather warrants.

5. Snuggly sweater-dress.

The sweater dress is making a huge comeback after its popularity during the 80’s and 90s, and today’s sweater dresses are perfect for creating a number of ensembles and looks. Choose one that is high-quality cotton, cashmere, or wool, to ensure that it lasts for many style-seasons to come. Skip long sleeves so you can wear this any time of the year, and pick a solid-color over a print for optimal wear ability!

Keep your look fresh with these five darling dresses in your closet or wardrobe. Make sure they flatter your form by having your dresses custom-tailored at a place like Mario Rojas Custom Clothiers to fit you perfectly!

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Differences between a $100 dollar suit and a $1000 dollar suit.




What you have to look for so you get the best value for your money.

In this article, we highlight the key differences between a $100 dollar suit and a $1000 dollar suit and explain to you.

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First, let’s focus on the $100 dollar suit. Basically, it is a completely machine-made suit that is sewn together in 2-3 hours max and there is no handwork whatsoever. When it comes to suits, hand sewing is better because it is more flexible and it adapts to your body more easily and so especially for a jacket, you always want more handwork. A $100 dollar suit is made of very cheap fabric and cheap lining, that means, it’s usually stretched polyester with nylon or other artificial fibers. Also, the raw materials may be cotton or wool that go into that fabric are of the lowest quality possible. It simply is stiffer, less comfortable, and you’re more prone to sweating in it.

A $100 suit has a glued interlining. So, what exactly is interlining and why do you use it? When you start out with fabric, you have a two-dimensional surface, in order to keep it in a three-dimensional shape, you need a second layer and the layer needs to be attached in a certain shape. For the $100 suit, this interlining is of very low quality and is glued to the fabric, that works in the beginning but it also acts as an insulator so you’re much more likely to overheat and sweat.

Another aspect of a $100 suit is the lack of attention to details. For example, the buttonholes are first sewn and then cut not the other way around that means you see some fraying. Also, the trimmings are usually low-quality, the buttons are plastic, the lining is polyester, and everything is made to remain low on the cost side but it also means low on the quality. The cut of a $100 suit can in theory, be as good as the on of a $1000 suit or a more expensive suit but in practice, that’s really rarely the case. More often than not, $100 suits are either very fashion-forward, with very skinny lapels and you can only wear them a year max, before they go out of fashion or they’re simply old-fashioned and the cut is boxy and bulky and simply not favorable.

Another pet peeve of mine is the deep-cut armhole that restricts your movement and $100 suits usually have this 90% of all cases. In recent years, it has changed a little bit, sometimes they have adopted more modern cuts and they try to go with details such as working buttonholes, but in reality, they still use cheap buttonholes and it still looks cheap.

BUY HANDMADE SHIRTS OR CUSTOM SUITS FOR MEN IN WASHINGTON DC, BALTIMORE, MD By Appointment Only Our tailors will fit, measure and deliver your garments in the comfort of your home or office. Schedule a fitting today (202) 390-3996 We will travel to your location in Washington metropolitan area, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia, New York, New Jersey. Showroom: 1875 K St NW, Washington, DC 20006

The time that goes into a thousand dollar suit can range from 8 hours to 30 hours so that’s obviously a huge difference and you will also be able to feel that. Generally, a thousand dollar suit show some amount of handwork. Sometimes, they have decorative elements like hand-sewn buttonholes that look really nice, they use a silk thread that is shiny or a cotton thread, they may have machine-made buttonholes but it looks nice. They may have an interlining that is sewn in hand or a collar which makes it softer and fit better and make you look better.

The biggest advantage of a thousand dollar suit over a hundred dollar suit is the interlining and the construction. Where the $100 suit has a glued interlining, the $1000 suit has a half canvas or full canvas interlining. A half canvas is actually sewn to the fabric and it’s usually made of materials such as horsehair or cotton or wool and that way, it’s more breathable so you don’t overheat. To save on cost, this form of interlining is only used on the upper part of your body such as your chest and it’s glued at the bottom part of your jacket. Full canvas means that the interlining is sewn throughout your jacket and it’s the best version you can get. At a thousand dollar price point, usually, these canvases are made by machine and not by hand.

This little secret has helped me save a lot of money and to get quality suits. When I walk into a store and look at suits, the first thing I do is I flap up the collar and look at the stitching. If it is machine-sewn, I move on especially at a vintage store. If it’s hand-sewn, I take the jacket off and take a closer look. I do this because a hand-sewn collar indicate a very high quality. If the collar is hand-sewn, chances are, it’s a high-quality garment and it deserves a second look and you can use the hallmarks I described in this video to identify if you should buy it or not.

Post from Gentleman’s Gazette

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4 Reasons to Purchase a Wool Suit

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4 Reasons to Purchase a Wool Suit

Even an expensive suit that fits well can still look like it’s made of poor quality fabric. Fit and construction details aren’t the only factors that make a good suit. The fabric from which the suit is tailored is important as well. Wool has long been a traditional choice of fabric for suits, and there are several advantages to consider when investing in a wool suit for your wardrobe.

1. All-Season Wear


Suits made with wool fabrics are appropriate for wear in both cold and warm weather conditions. In cold weather, wool traps air within the fibers, acting as an insulator to keep the body warm. The heavier wool materials and thicker fabrics from which winter suits are made hold in more air to keep you warm.

Thinner wool fibers can effectively wick moisture away from the body and are lightweight and breathable, making tropical wool fabrics ideal for summer wear. Larger, more porous gaps are woven in the fabric to make a wool suit more comfortable for wear in hot weather. While cotton and linen suits are also great lightweight choices for hot weather, they tend to crease and wrinkle more easily than wool suits.

2. Durability


Often thought of as a luxury fabric, wool is resilient, attractive, comfortable, and low maintenance. In fact, its durability makes it a popular choice for both men’s and women’s suits. Wool is tough and holds up better than other fabrics. There are different types of wool fabrics to choose from, such as virgin wool and worsted (tightly woven) wool, and often, people prefer natural fibers like wool over synthetic fibers.

Because wool is a hard-wearing fiber, it can look great for many years with proper care. Polyester and polyester-rayon blend fabrics are less expensive materials that are strong and flexible and resist wrinkling, but these synthetic fabrics aren’t as breathable as wool, which make them uncomfortable in hot weather. Also, some polyester fabrics have the additional drawback of looking shiny in appearance.

3. Thread Count

fabrics front cover 359

Wool fibers vary in fineness. Coarser fibers typically are used in outer-layer clothing and suit jackets. When getting fitted for a suit, consider the super number, or S number—the thread count which describes the fineness of the fabric’s individual fibers. A higher S number indicates a thinner, smoother, and softer fabric that makes a suit cloth feel silkier.

Wools spun at higher speeds are better quality wools, but lower number wools are still good wools for durable clothing. If you are looking for a suit to wear on special occasions, super wools with higher numbers have smoother textures that are considered more luxurious.

Although finer wools produce a lighter cloth and are usually more expensive, the price tag of a suit doesn’t necessarily make it the best buy. Thread counts in the 200s can make for one classy-looking suit, but the suit may not be as durable as a heavier wool fabric. It can be more difficult to clean too.

Since a higher thread count indicates a finer, or thinner, fiber, wool materials with extremely high thread counts often wear more quickly, usually taking on a shiny appearance. Fabrics spun from super-fine wool also wrinkle more easily than coarser or thicker wool fabrics.

4. Shapeliness


No matter what the quality of an off-the-rack suit may be or how well designed it is, if it doesn’t conform to your body shape and type, the suit isn’t going to be the right fit.

You can tell if a suit is made of sturdy material when you bunch the fabric and it leaves little or no wrinkling when you let go of it. Wool has a natural spring to it so the fibers spring back and stretch rather than break. This flexibility helps the fabric hold its shape.

While you don’t want a suit that feels too heavy for wear, a suit made from a heavier cloth drapes better. A well-fitted suit should still conform to your body shape even after you’ve worn it a few times, and sturdy wool fabrics won’t stretch out or deteriorate as quickly.


If you are looking to add a custom-tailored suit to your wardrobe, Mario Rojas Custom Clothiers can fit you with quality handmade apparel in the style and fabric materials you choose.

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Differences Between “Off-the-Rack” Suits and Bespoke Suits

Differences Between “Off-the-Rack” Suits and Bespoke Suits

It takes less of a trained eye than you would think to tell if a suit is well-fitted or not. There are many things that set our bespoke suits aside from suits bought off of racks at department stores.

This should come as no surprise, either. Our highest-end of suits—our signature Purple Label, take in excess of 50 hours of hands-on work from a master tailor. There are a lot of things to consider when constructing a suit of this level.

–    Careful attention is paid to the detail of the entire canvas of the suit.

–    The lapels and collars are carefully shaped, crafted and contoured to the size and preferred style of the wearer.

–    Sleeves and buttonholes are constructed and hung by hand and made the appropriate size for the person that will be donning the attire.


custom made suits in D.C.

With this careful attention to detail in mind, there are many little features that a master tailor will fine-tune for someone purchasing a bespoke suit. Here are a few things to keep in mind when deciding whether or not you want a truly custom tailored suit:

When someone purchases a suit from a standard designer or a rack in a department store, these cheaper versions of suits typically incorporate blends with synthetic fibers. Synthetic fibers are made with a cost efficiency in mind, and are not as strong and do not breathe as well as natural fibers. Many of these suits are being made by the hundreds in a period of a few hours. These fabrics are purchased at low prices, in bulk.

High-end suits will be made of quality natural fibers with intricate weaving processes. They typically feature fabrics like merino wool, cashmere, mohair, silks and high-quality cottons. You will never you see cheaper synthetic materials like polyester or viscose in a quality bespoke suit.

Custom Fitting and Tailoring


When a Master Tailor is custom-designing a suit for their client, they will note small details that work together to create a great garment.

Custom Tailors will give special attention to a suit’s shoulders, ensuring the fabric is cut for that person’s body type, carefully designing the shoulder slopes and posture and discerning the dimensions of the shoulder-pads.

Tailors will also carefully design the sleeves of a suit or customized shirt. Everything down to the button style is considered, not to mention the sleeves being custom-measured to the wearer’s arm lengths and hung perfectly to the pitch of their arms.

Another thing that bespoke suits are known for is the carefully constructed front-plate and midsection areas. The front chest area will be carefully sized to contour to the wearer’s body type. Additionally, the armholes, collar rolls and upper body/neck areas will be shaped to the wearer’s body type to avoid rolling, wrinkling and other fit problems. The hand-work in these areas causes the canvas pieces to mold to the wearer, making the suit fit perfectly and adding comfort for the wearer the more he wears it.

Quality bespoke suits are also tailored to the wearer, which means that each piece of fabric is carefully cut and stitched together. Preferences regarding lapels, pockets and vents are all carefully determined before the suit is constructed. These suits are durable and have a drastically longer lifespan than mass-produced or cheaply crafted garments. As mentioned, bespoke suits can be broken in like a good pair of shoes and will fit the wearer better over time.


bespoke suits in D.C. by mario rojas

The trims are some of the best benefits to wearing bespoke suits. Cheaper suits can have tell-tale shortcomings, including fake pockets, unnecessary or unusable button-holes, buttons made from plastic or other cheap materials, linings made from acetate or other cheap threads, and cheap zippers.

Good, responsible tailors know the importance of quality trim – zippers and buttons that accommodate the style and color of the suit and incorporate high-quality materials like semi-precious gems, horn or mother of pearl.   The linings and threading will be tight and from high-quality fabric that matches the rest of the garment. Finally, the pockets will never be fake, and can often be specially designed for accessories and other specific needs.


custom made suits and shirts for m

When you purchase a suit off of a rack at a store, without consulting an image consulting firm or a master tailor like ours, you are buying a suit that has probably been made multiple times for multiple different stores – in other words, you are getting a suit that is unoriginal, for lack of a better word. These suits have no style that sets them aside from other suits in that market.

When you get a bespoke suit or other custom garments from places like ours, you are getting a piece of attire that will make you stand out in a crowd or during job interviews.   The trims, style and cuts will be unique and the fabrics will have people asking questions about your garments.

For a suit that truly stands out in a crowd and hasn’t been done before, bespoke suits are the way to go.


Job Interview Coming Up? 4 Ways to Look and Feel Confident


You’ve prepped your résumé and cover letter, contacted your references, and thought about your answers to common interview questions. Now, the best thing you can do to prepare for your job interview is to increase your confidence. Your assured appearance and demeanor will impress your interviewers. It will also put to rest any concerns they may have about hiring you.

Research shows that when you look more confident and act more confident, you’ll also feel more confident. Here’s how you can increase confidence from the outside in.

1. Get a Custom Suit or Shirt

the best custom clothiers in D.C.

Wearing professional clothes makes you look more secure and self-assured. It also helps employers better imagine you in powerful leadership roles.

To further enhance your confident appearance, consider a custom suit or clothes. Since everyone’s body type and frame is unique, it’s difficult to find a perfect fit at the store. Have a custom clothier evaluate your body type, take your measurements, and design a suit or shirt that’s perfect for you and your body.

You’ll look and feel like a million dollars in your new custom clothes, and you’ll portray that confidence to your interviewers.

2. Strike a Power Pose

Social psychologist Amy Cuddy recommends a practice called power posing before your interview. This practice involves standing in a confident posture for about two minutes. Power poses involve opening up your body rather than bringing it in. Try these power poses:

  • Stand straight with your hands on your hips.
  • Lean back in a chair with your legs on a desk and your arms crossed behind your head.
  • Lean forward on a desk and look forward, with your arms spread wide on the desk.

Cuddy found that these poses actually change hormone levels in your body. In her study, research subjects who struck these poses before an interview were more likely to be viewed favorably by the employer.

If you strike these poses, your brain will begin to align with your body and you’ll believe you’re powerful and capable. Plus, your interviewers will believe it, too.

3. Wear a Powerful Color


According to color psychology, certain colors evoke feelings of boldness and power. Red commands attention and is a good choice if you want to appear confident and passionate. Purple is also a powerful color because it reminds people of royalty and distinction. Blue can be a good choice as well, since it symbolizes intelligence and strength.

Of course, the classic black or gray suit jacket is always a stylish look. Men could choose a tie or shirt in a power color, and women could choose a shirt or suit jacket in a power color. It can give you an extra boost of self-assurance during your interview.

4. Practice Confident Body Language During Interviews

Body-Language D.C. job interview

Just as you should strike power poses before the interview, you should also portray confident body language throughout the interview. Do a practice interview with a friend and use the following body language:

  • Stand straight with your head held high and shoulders back.
  • When you sit, lean back and put your arms on the armrests (leaning forward makes you look less confident).
  • Try interlacing your fingers and resting your elbows on the table in front of you.
  • Avoid fidgeting or nervous habits, such as tapping your feet.

Ask your friend to point out anything he or she notices that you could change about your body language.

Even if you have the right education and experience for a job, you need to show confidence to nail the interview. Use these tips and you’ll help convince your interviewers that you’re right for the job. If you need a custom suit or shirt, count on custom tailor Mario Rojas.