Job Interview Coming Up? 4 Ways to Look and Feel Confident


You’ve prepped your résumé and cover letter, contacted your references, and thought about your answers to common interview questions. Now, the best thing you can do to prepare for your job interview is to increase your confidence. Your assured appearance and demeanor will impress your interviewers. It will also put to rest any concerns they may have about hiring you.

Research shows that when you look more confident and act more confident, you’ll also feel more confident. Here’s how you can increase confidence from the outside in.

1. Get a Custom Suit or Shirt

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Wearing professional clothes makes you look more secure and self-assured. It also helps employers better imagine you in powerful leadership roles.

To further enhance your confident appearance, consider a custom suit or clothes. Since everyone’s body type and frame is unique, it’s difficult to find a perfect fit at the store. Have a custom clothier evaluate your body type, take your measurements, and design a suit or shirt that’s perfect for you and your body.

You’ll look and feel like a million dollars in your new custom clothes, and you’ll portray that confidence to your interviewers.

2. Strike a Power Pose

Social psychologist Amy Cuddy recommends a practice called power posing before your interview. This practice involves standing in a confident posture for about two minutes. Power poses involve opening up your body rather than bringing it in. Try these power poses:

  • Stand straight with your hands on your hips.
  • Lean back in a chair with your legs on a desk and your arms crossed behind your head.
  • Lean forward on a desk and look forward, with your arms spread wide on the desk.

Cuddy found that these poses actually change hormone levels in your body. In her study, research subjects who struck these poses before an interview were more likely to be viewed favorably by the employer.

If you strike these poses, your brain will begin to align with your body and you’ll believe you’re powerful and capable. Plus, your interviewers will believe it, too.

3. Wear a Powerful Color


According to color psychology, certain colors evoke feelings of boldness and power. Red commands attention and is a good choice if you want to appear confident and passionate. Purple is also a powerful color because it reminds people of royalty and distinction. Blue can be a good choice as well, since it symbolizes intelligence and strength.

Of course, the classic black or gray suit jacket is always a stylish look. Men could choose a tie or shirt in a power color, and women could choose a shirt or suit jacket in a power color. It can give you an extra boost of self-assurance during your interview.

4. Practice Confident Body Language During Interviews

Body-Language D.C. job interview

Just as you should strike power poses before the interview, you should also portray confident body language throughout the interview. Do a practice interview with a friend and use the following body language:

  • Stand straight with your head held high and shoulders back.
  • When you sit, lean back and put your arms on the armrests (leaning forward makes you look less confident).
  • Try interlacing your fingers and resting your elbows on the table in front of you.
  • Avoid fidgeting or nervous habits, such as tapping your feet.

Ask your friend to point out anything he or she notices that you could change about your body language.

Even if you have the right education and experience for a job, you need to show confidence to nail the interview. Use these tips and you’ll help convince your interviewers that you’re right for the job. If you need a custom suit or shirt, count on custom tailor Mario Rojas.