TROUSERS Custom in Washington DC, MD, VA. Bespoke Clothier.

Take your wardrobe to another level of sophistication with this subtle, masculine design Mario Rojas Custom Tailors will measure, design and create custom trousers with the same thoroughness, and the same delicate touch that we invest in all our custom clothiers. Many choices are available for custom trousers is incredibly wide and diverse.


Almost every detail of the pants can be customized to fit your taste. Your pants can be made with any type of pleat — single, double, triple, box, inverted — or with no pleats at all. The trousers can receive normal side pockets, Italian pockets, western pockets, deep pockets, or even specialty pocket-watch pockets, secrets pockets. The trousers can also be fully-lined, half-lined, or unlined, and they can be equipped with a hugger waistband. We can also design tuxedo trousers, Shorts, Golf Pants, etc.

Personalize it

Because all Mario’s clothing is made by hand, they are able to make up the softest, lightest fabrics in the world; luxurious cloth that could never be used for machine-made clothing. Fine tailoring, such as Mario’s, may be considered an art. It is not an appreciated art, but for those few who do appreciate the art of a well-cut suit, it is so. Mario’s produces something that is beautiful to look at. It is also reflective of personality.